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The B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration Internship Program allows students to receive first-hand experience in the workplace while earning academic credit. Your partnership with us enriches the learning experience of our students. To submit an internship opportunity with your company, please email

Why Your Company Should Participate

When your company participates in the Moody College of Business Administration Internship Program, you have access to a pool of pre-professionals who are eager to learn as well as contribute to your organization. 

  • Cost effective way to fill short-term needs without long-term commitment (temporary or seasonal positions).
  • Cost effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees.
  • Your permanent staff has more time for more important/creative assignments.
  • Allows your employees to gain managerial experience by supervising interns.
  • Gives you access to a pool of high quality, pre-professionals who are eager to learn as well as contribute to your organization.
  • Maintain constant source of fresh ideas and insights into your organization.
  • Benefit from cutting edge technology, perspectives, and relevant skills currently being learned in the classroom.
  • Satisfaction of training and developing the next generation of workers.
  • Develop partnership with Moody College of Business.
  • Contribute to education.

During the internship, a student is required to work at least 150 hours (or 240 hours for Professional Land and Resource Management majors) which complements and reinforces what the student has learned in the classroom.

Students must meet the following requirements to participate in the internship program:

  • Must be enrolled in a major program of study in the MCOBA.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.2. (Please note that a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for Hospitality Management Majors and Professional Land and Resource Management majors. Internships are mandatory for these majors. This is why the GPA required to qualify for an internship is the same as the GPA required for graduation for these majors only.)
  • Be classified as a Junior or Senior with Upper Division Status.
  • Secure an internship position.
  • Get approval from the Internship Advisor and the Internship Director.
  • Receive a salary of at least minimum wage. (Exceptions made on occasion.)

Please also note the following:

  • Business majors with a business minor may elect to complete an internship in their minor field of study.
  • In general, MBA students must be in good academic standing to apply for an internship. MBA/HCA students are encouraged to complete the required internships in their last two semesters of study. MBA students must obtain approval from the MBA Director.
  • The above are the minimum qualifications; companies can request more stringent criteria.

What's Expected of Your Company

To ensure our business students gain insight and real-world knowledge from the internship experience, the internship program expects the following from the sponsoring business:

  • Require significant interaction between intern and supervisor/mentor.
  • Assign the student to a supervisor/mentor who is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of expertise in which the intern is appointed.
  • Orient the student to your company, its policies, procedures, and appropriate professional and clerical staff.
  • Provide student with adequate resources necessary to accomplish job objectives.
  • Assign and supervise tasks/responsibilities consistent with the student’s role in the company.
  • Allow the student to attend and participate in key business activities, such as interviews, meetings, and conferences, with their mentor/supervisor.

How to Develop an Internship Program at Your Company

  • Determine your organization's need.
  • Review the Moody Business Internship Program Employer Manual.
  • Set goals and structure the internship experience ahead of time.
  • Prepare a job description that includes meaningful duties.
  • Describe meaningful, but realistic tasks/responsibilities.
  • Develop project-related assignments that the intern can work on from start to finish.
  • Plan for and encourage interactin between intern and supervisor/mentor throughout the experience.
  • List your internship by doing the following:
    • Go to
    • Log in to your account (or create an account) and click "Post a Job" on your home dashboard.
    • You will be asked to complete a detailed form in four steps, including company information, job details, job preferences, and schools.
    • When you've finished, select "Create" at the bottom of the page to review your job posting.
  • Email to get your internship advertised to Moody College of Business students.

Contact Us

Dr. Brandi N. Guidry Hollier
Internship Director
Moody Hall, Room 256
(337) 482-6211

Gabrielle Constant
Graduate Assistant / Internship Coordinator
Moody Hall, Room 204
(337) 482-5836