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Office of the Dean

Dr. Linda Nichols
(337) 482-6492
Moody Hall, Room 226

Dr. Lise Anne Slatten
Associate Dean for Administration and Quality
(337) 482-9064
Moody Hall, Room 226

Dr. David Stevens
Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs
(337) 482-5378
Moody Hall, Room 226

Pierre Robert Viguerie, J.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate and Executive Programs
(337) 482-5882
Moody Hall, Room 328
Jill Lemaire
Assistant Dean for Student Services
(337) 482-6205
Moody Hall, Room 236
Angel Littlejohn
Information Systems and Multimedia Labs Manager
(337) 482-5783
Moody Hall, Room 115
Shirlane Sam
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(337) 482-6492
Moody Hall, Room 226


Department of Accounting
Dr. Suzanne Ward
Department Head
(337) 482-6218
Moody Hall, Room 335
Department of Economics and Finance
Dr. Sarah Skinner
Department Head
(337) 482-6662
Moody Hall, Room 326
Department of Management
Dr. Mark Smith
Department Head
(337) 482-6087
Moody Hall, Room 243

Department of Marketing
Dr. Suzanne Ward
Interim Department Head
(337) 482-6347
Moody Hall, Room 332