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Invitation for Support

This is an exciting and dynamic time for the Moody College of Business, as we strive to enhance the value, quality, and impact of business education for our undergraduate and graduate students. A major determinant of success in this endeavor is our students’ exposure to and their opportunity to make a contribution to businesses. You are invited to partner with us in enriching our students’ learning experiences. Contact us at to discuss your interest. 

Serve as an Internship Host

It is as difficult to teach students to be effective business professionals without mentoring them in actual job experiences as it is to teach pilots without planes or surgeons without patients. In the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration, an integral component of the education and socialization of our graduates is the hands-on experience of an internship. Business majors from the disciplines of accounting, economics, finance, insurance/risk management, management, professional land and resource management, hospitality management, and marketing are eligible in their junior year to undertake an internship. While interest in internship opportunities among our students is high, the quality of the placement site is critical to the success of the experience.

Learn more about the Moody Business Internship Program
Email us to advertise an intern position in your organization.

Speak to a Business Class or Student Organization

Gaining first-hand insights into the challenges and rewards of organizational life is invaluable for our students. Hearing it from those who live in a business or professional environment day-to-day can make an enormous impact on them. If you are willing to to speak to a class or student organization, or host students at your organization to share your experiences and perspectives on business and professional life, please contact us at

Professional Memberships

Local chapters of professional organizations such as the Acadiana Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM), Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen (LAPL), and the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) offer students an opportunity to join their membership for a reduced rate. Please contact us if your organization would be interested in offering such an opportunity.

Teach with us as a Supporting (Adjunct) Faculty Member

To provide a balanced and realistic educational experience for our students, we are continually seeking to complement our instructional team of academically trained faculty with those who are considered “professionally-qualified” by our premier accrediting body, AACSB International. “Professionally-qualified” faculty members should hold a master's degree in a field related to the area of teaching assignment. In addition, the professional experience must be relevant to the faculty member's teaching assignment, significant in duration and level of responsibility, and current at the time of hiring. Supporting faculty members teach with us at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, in all departments, and in part-time or full-time capacities.

If you are willing to join in the development of the Moody College of Business in any of these ways, please send a letter of interest and professional information to the Dean's office.