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Business Concentrations

Business majors: Click the Ragin' Business link on Moodle. Look under Advising Information for the Concentrations folder where you can print out a pre-populated form to request a business concentration. 

Professional Sales

The goal of this program is to prepare graduates for careers in professional sales across a variety of different industries.  Students pursuing a Concentration in Professional Sales will take class in the state of art Northwestern Mutual Sales and Research Lab, will work collaboratively with faculty, and will have the opportunity to compete for positions on the Ragin' Sales Team.

  • Sales Management (MKTG 360)
  • Business to Business (MKTG 415)
  • Personal Selling (MKTG 357)
  • Advanced Professional Selling (MKTG 457)

We also offer an online MBA in Sales Leadership.

View/print Professional Sales Concentration form.

Human Resource Management

The human resource management concentration covers the various functions of the human resource professional and their strategic contribution to an organizations success. The program is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of the wide range of opportunities in the field and is complemented by the ULL Society of Human Resource Management student organization.  The courses emphasize both the theoretical aspects and the practical skills needed for success in the field.

  • Human Resource Management (MGMT 365)
  • Internship in Human Resource Management (MGMT 398)
  • Employee Relations (MGMT 415)
  • Advanced Human Resource Management (MGMT 465)

An online MBA in Human Resource Management is also available.

View/print Human Resource Management Concentration form.

Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Concentration requires students to complete four Business Law courses (12 credit hours). The Legal Studies Concentration is composed of two survey courses in Business Law, BLAW 310 and BLAW 420, (a total of six credit hours) and two other Business Law courses selected by the student’s major department from existing course offerings (six credit hours):

Two Business Law survey courses (6 Hours):
BLAW 310, an introduction to the dynamic legal, economic and social/political world in which business entities operate, including the legal system, alternative dispute resolution, contracts, torts, employment law, business organizations, ethical and global factors; and,

BLAW 420, a comprehensive study of traditional business law topics including a brief review of contracts, employment law, business organizations, a study of property, trusts and estates, consumer protection, bankruptcy, suretyship, mortgages, the Uniform Commercial Code Articles 2‐9, securities regulations, and accountant’s legal liability.


Two advanced Business Law courses chosen from the following to compliment the student’s major curriculum and interests (6 Hours):

  • Accounting majors: BLAW 421 and BLAW 415* or 425 or 240**;
  • Management majors: BLAW 421 and BLAW 415* or 425 or 240**;
  • Professional Land and Resource Management majors: BLAW 320 and BLAW 415* or 435;
  • Marketing and Hospitality Management majors: BLAW 421 and BLAW 412 or 415* or 425 or 240**;
  • Economics majors: Any two of the following: BLAW 421 or 415* or 425 or 435 or 320 or 445;
  • Finance majors: BLAW 421 and BLAW 415* or 425 or 398;
  • Insurance and Risk Management majors: BLAW 445 and BLAW 415* or 425 or 398.

*Note:  Allowed substitutions: Fall - BLAW 340, 435 or 440; Spring - BLAW 320, 330 or 412

**Note: BLAW 240 is not a 300‐level course and cannot be used as a business elective. It can be used as a free elective. It will be accepted to meet the requirements of the BLAW concentration.

View/print Legal Studies Concentration form.

International Business

The International Business Concentration requires 12 credit hours total in internationally oriented courses. Learn more...

View/Print International Business Concentration form.

Business Analytics

Required Courses:

  • Advanced Business Statistics (QMET 352)
  • Information Management (INFX 330)
  • QMET 420
  • QMET 430

View/print Business Analytics Concentration form.