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Program's Mission

The mission of the MBA program at UL Lafayette is to encourage learning of core business functions among students from a diversity of academic and professional backgrounds by offering relevant self-paced management education in an environment conducive to success. Our instructional and intellectual initiatives will facilitate the career progression and personal development of our graduates, as well as enhance the effectiveness of the organizations for which they work, and the viability of the communities in which they live.

While engaged in the MBA program, students will:

  • be instructed by an appropriate balance of experienced professionals and respected academics.
  • regularly associate with peers to foster competency in team settings.
  • have the opportunity to interact and work with local businesses.
  • prepare to assume leadership positions in a wide array of organizations of differing sizes, ownership structures, and markets.
  • demonstrate enhanced competency and integrate knowledge of the fundamental disciplines of business (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, and quantitative analysis).
  • utilize advanced technology for communication and productivity purposes.
  • gain an understanding of the unique characteristics and connectivity of local, national, and global economies.
  • understand the dynamic economic, legal, technological, cultural, and socio-political environments in which organizations must operate, and realize the importance of adapting to ensure organizational prosperity and vitality.
  • come to appreciate the importance of conducting business in an ethical manner, thereby avoiding moral dilemmas and conflicts-of-interest, and recognizing the significant responsibility to and potential impact of immoral behavior on organizational stakeholders.