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Fall 2020 Honor Graduates Announced

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Congratulations to the Moody College of Business Fall 2020 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Honors Graduates for their academic achievements. These undergraduate students received scholastic recognition at Commencement on December 8, 2020 for their high grade point average based on the following requirements:

Summa Cum Laude: 3.900-4.000 cumulative GPA.
Magna Cum Laude: 3.700-3.899 cumulative GPA.
Cum Laude: 3.500-3.699 cumulative GPA.

Summa Cum Laude

Kelsey Choate 3.98

Magna Cum Laude

Zebediah Berggren 3.87
Brooks Hebert 3.87
Ciel Cascio 3.87
Gabrielle Constant 3.85
Brooke Romero 3.84
Alyssa Bird 3.82
Adam Davis 3.78
Macy Romero 3.75
Michelle Calamari 3.72
Pamela Guidry 3.71

Cum Laude

Mary Margaret Gil 3.64
John Tran 3.64
Tyler Batiste 3.62
Isabella Braus 3.62
Matthew Spieler 3.60
Francisco Ramirez 3.59
Gina Ganster 3.54
Daniel Wahlen 3.52