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Faculty High-Quality Research Award Recipients Announced

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Moody Business recognized 29 faculty members as recipients of the College's inaugural Faculty High-Quality Research Awards. For 2015-2020, 19 faculty were recognized for at least one A* or A journal publication and 10 faculty were recognized for at least one B journal publication. Each faculty member is only eligible for one award for the five-year period. Below are the award recipients including title of research, publisher, and ABDC rating.

  • Deergha Adhikari, Has Fed's Policy Hurt the World Economy?, The Journal of Developing Areas, B
  • Wesley Austin, Who Gets Arrested for Marijuana Use?: The Perils of Being Poor and Black, Applied Economics Letters, B
  • David Baker, Cross-Cultural Selling: Examining the Importance of Cultural Intelligence in Sales Education, Journal of Marketing Education, B
  • Josh Bendickson, Agency Theory: Background and Epistemology, Journal of Management History, A
  • Brian Bolton, Size, Leverage and Risk-Taking of Financial Institutions, Journal of Banking and Finance, A*
  • Ignatius Cahyanto, Communicating Hurricane Evacuation to Tourists: Gender, Past Experience with Hurricanes and Place of Residence, Journal of Travel Research, A*
  • Keith Credo, Narcissism and Entitlement in Millennials: The Mediating Influence of Community Service Self Efficacy on Engagement Personality and Individual Differences, A
  • Praveen Das, Market Timing and Selectivity Performance of Socially Responsible Funds, Social Responsibility Journal, B
  • Chase Edwards, Gratitude in Franchisor-Franchisee Relationships: Does Personality Matter?, European Journal of Marketing, A*
  • Jimmie Gilstrap, How Employee Behaviors Effect Organizational Change and Stability, Journal of Business Research, A
  • Brandi Guidry-Hollier, Partially Unplugged: Using Web-Based Technology to Facilitate the Study Abroad Experience in Costa Rica, Journal of International Business Education, B
  • Kimberly Houser, Personal Data and the GDPR: Providing a Competitive Advantage for U.S. Companies, American Business Law Journal, A
  • Joby John, Temporal Effects of Information from Social Networks on Online Behavior: The Role of Cognitive and Affective Trust, Internet Research, A
  • Sarfraz Khan, Director Liability Protection, Earnings Management, and Audit Pricing, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, A*
  • Patricia Lanier, Narcissism and Entitlement in Millennials: The Mediating Influence of Community Service Self Efficacy on Engagement, Personality and Individual Differences, A
  • Curtis Matherne, Narcissism and Entitlement in Millennials: The Mediating Influence of Community Service Self Efficacy on Engagement, Personality and Individual Differences, A
  • Reed Nelson, Effectuations, Social Bricolage and Causation in the Response to a Natural Disaster, Small Business Economics, A
  • Javier Portillo, Can Buyer "Mobility" Reduce Aggregation Failures in Land-Assembly?, Journal of Urban Economics, A*
  • Muhammad Rahman, Rationality of Survey Based Inflation Expectations: A Study of 18 Emerging Economies' Inflation Forecasts, Research in International Business and Finance, B
  • Sarah Skinner, American Art as an Investment: New Evidence from an Alternative Approach, Journal of Economics and Finance, B
  • Lise Anne Slatten, Developing a Method to Valuate the Collection of Big Data International, Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences, B
  • Steven Stelk, REITs in a Mixed Asset Portfolio: An Investigation of Extreme Risks, Journal of Alternative Investments, B
  • David Stevens, Workplace Bullying: Lessons from the Special Events Industry, Event Management, A
  • Geoffrey Stewart, Disaster Resilience Through Public-Private Short-Term Collaboration, Journal of Business Logistics, A
  • Ramendra Thakur, A Comparative Study of Corporate User- Generated Media Behavior: Cross-Cultural B2B Context, Industrial Marketing Management, A*
  • Gary Wagner, Is the Light Rail 'Tide' Lifting All Property Values? Evidence from Hampton Roads, VA, Regional Science and Urban Economics, A
  • Linus Wilson, Overpaid CEOs Got FDIC Debt Guarantees, The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, B
  • Colleen Wolverton, An Exploration of the Drivers of Non-Adoption Behavior: A Discriminant Analysis Approach, Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, A
  • Zhiwei Zhu, Logistic-based Network Stability Study of Industrial Coupling Symbiosis Applied to Oil-Gas-Based Eco-Industrial Parks, Journal of Cleaner Production, A