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2019-2020 Faculty and Staff Award Recipients Announced

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Moody Business recognized 29 faculty members as recipients of the College's inaugural Faculty High-Quality Research

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Moody Business News: June 2020

Each month, we will share news and accomplishments of Moody College of Business faculty, staff, and students.

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Faculty Research Grants Awarded

Moody College of Business recently awarded $43,500 in Faculty Research Grants to support high-quality research and p

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Annually, Moody College of Business recognizes faculty and staff for excellence in teaching, research, advising, and service. Congratulations to the following Moody College of Business 2019-2020 faculty and staff award recipients.

The John T. & Sandra B. Landry Endowed Award for Teaching Excellence
Oliver “Buster” LeBlanc
Instructor, Department of Management

The Colonels Philip & Jean Piccione Endowed Award for Research Excellence
Sarfraz Khan
Associate Professor, Department of Accounting

Zhiwei Zhu
Professor, Department of Marketing

The Robert “Bob” Merrick Endowed Advising Award
Stacey Bergeron
Instructor, Department of Marketing

Outstanding Staff Award
Heather DeValcourt
Director of Marketing and Outreach, Office of the Dean

Faculty Service Award
Becky Dubois
Master Instructor, Department of Management

Dean’s Achievement Award
Denise Benton
Instructor, Department of Marketing

Lucy Henke
Associate Professor, Department of Marketing

Valerie McGehee
Instructor, Department of Marketing

Jeremiah Fisher
Academic Advising Coordinator, Office of Student Services

Angel Littlejohn
ISM Manager, Office of the Dean

Jena' Victor
Administrative Assistant III, Department of Accounting

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