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Is an MBA still necessary?

Moody College o... -- Mon, 02/20/2017 - 10:10am

Is an MBA still necessary? Regardless of where you start, an MBA can help you get where you want to be in today’s job market—it not only gives you a big advantage over other candidates for all sorts of positions, but it’s also becoming the baseline job requirement for even entry-level positions. Earning your MBA will definitely not inhibit your job prospects in anyway and, in most cases, it’ll give you a significant advantage in just about any field.

For just about any student, earning your MBA degree will bolster your ability to advance in your company or industry, to increase your earning potential, and to take on leadership roles.

Remember, an MBA degree is rapidly becoming the base requirement for many entry-level jobs. So, if you’re just starting your career, imagine how much competitive you become if your resume highlights the kind of intense business training that MBA programs provide. Even if you’re not going to pursue a traditional 9-to-5 job and instead want to be an entrepreneur or join a start-up, earning your MBA can help jumpstart that process. In MBA programs, you learn the necessary skills to run a successful business, so you’re not learning everything as you go.

MBA degree programs are a logical choice for business majors to pursue, but they’re also becoming increasingly popular for non-business majors who want to move up in their organization. Don’t underestimate the power of an MBA in any field.

Already have an established career, but you’re looking to climb the ladder? An MBA can help to advance your position and increase your salary. An MBA is often expected of all candidates up for leadership positions because you’re a more valuable employee when you have the advanced knowledge and business acumen that an MBA program provides. That’s why at UL Lafayette, we’re making it easier to get your MBA with options like the Executive MBA program, night and evening classes, and online courses.

And that’s not just for employees in the business world—it applies to just about every industry. Many of our students at UL Lafayette want to earn their MBA alongside the graduate degree in their chosen discipline so they can gain the leadership skills and high-level business operational knowledge required for many fields.

Whatever its delivery, remember that not all MBA programs are created equal. For your MBA degree to really prepare you for career success and growth, you need to find a program that’s rooted in the larger professional world and also is involved in the local community and economy. Experience gained in conjunction with local communities and businesses translates into valuable workplace skills and helps to develop your network.

For example, our MBA program at UL Lafayette has worked to develop a strategic and comprehensive plan for growth in Youngsville, the fastest growing city in Louisiana. MBA students were an essential part of studying and surveying the city for recommendations that would shape its 10-year master plan.

Students in the MBA program also collaborated with the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market at the Horse Farm to develop a Growth Guidance Plan for Moncus Park, a 100-acre park and Lafayette’s largest public green space. Students collected surveys at the market and online from shoppers and vendors, and used those responses to develop the plan.

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