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Key Characteristics of an MBA Student

Moody College o... -- Thu, 06/15/2017 - 10:53am

Are you cut out for an MBA program? Of the students who are pursuing their MBA degree, those who possess these characteristics are the most engaged and get the most out of their time in our accredited MBA program.

Here are some of the key characteristics of successful MBA students at UL Lafayette.

They have “real-world” experience.
To earn your MBA degree from UL Lafayette, work experience is not required but it is preferred. Having experience in the working world is a huge asset when you’re progressing through our MBA program. We value work experience so highly that our accredited MBA program is even designed for you to work part- or full time while you’re enrolled.

They’re hard-working.
As you probably already know, to be successful at anything, you have to put in the effort. Being hard-working and dedicated is a required trait for all graduate students, because it’s not going to be an easy experience. If graduate school were a walk in the park, wouldn’t everyone would be doing it? Proving you have the dedication and determination to get the difficult work done is what sets MBA students apart from the crowd.

They can work well with others.
Just as you can learn from your fellow employees in the workplace, you can learn a lot from your fellow students in the MBA program, if you’re open to it. Group projects are designed so you all learn how to problem solve together, while simultaneously learning from each other. Plus, your career will be full of moments when your individual success depends on the success of the whole team, so cooperating with and encouraging others in your program is good business practice.

They know how to manage their time.
Efficient time management skills are imperative for MBA students. Balancing work, school, and personal life is not an easy feat for any student in grad school, but it’s absolutely crucial for students who are continuing to work full time while they’re enrolled.

They are willing to take direction.
If you’re thinking of enrolling in an accredited MBA program, you’ve already recognized that you have more to learn. Use this opportunity to take full advantage of the instruction and guidance your professors provide and take to heart their suggestions. The more you listen the more you’ll get out of your time in the MBA program.

They’re good communicators.
Good leaders are also good communicators. Communicating well may be considered a “soft skill,” but it’s one of the most important traits you must hone as an MBA student and in your career. Don’t underestimate the power of being an accomplished communicator. Having the ability to communicate your thoughts and plans adequately is a highly valued skill by all companies.

They’re creative and innovative.
While earning your MBA, you’ll learn how to creatively solve business problems and to put your innovative ideas into practice. There is no one blanket solution for any challenge your business may encounter. In our MBA program, you’ll learn how to channel that creativity into business solutions, and you’ll graduate knowing how to tackle challenges with confidence.

They’re mature.
Pursuing your MBA degree requires maturity. This is somewhat related to your work experience, but it also has to do with your self-discipline and dedication to the challenging and rigorous curriculum and time schedule that you find in an accredited MBA program.

They are leaders.
Your MBA degree will prepare you for a leadership position, so you should work on those leadership skills while you’re in school. Volunteer to lead group projects, or run for elected positions in student organizations. Students who aim high in grad school gain that valuable leadership experience that translates to career success.

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