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Graduation Requirements

Specific Degree Requirements

A baccalaureate degree of the College requires a cumulative 2.25 GPA; a grade of "C" or better in each major course and each common body of knowledge (CBK) course; and a minimum of 125 semester hours. Students are responsible for reporting to their departmental office their graduation plans prior to the final year of study. A graduation check-out sheet, which outlines the student's current scholastic position and the course requirements remaining for the degree, is then prepared and forwarded to the Dean's office for final checking and approval. All graduating seniors must take the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Business Field Examination or other assessment exams specified by the College.

General Education Requirements

A minimum of fifty percent of the students program of study must be in courses other than courses in the College of Business Administration. At least forty-five hours of course work at the 300-400 level must be satisfactorily completed. The forty-five hours can include business as well as non-business courses. Developmental courses cannot be used toward a degree. Selection of electives must follow University regulations. In general, electives may not be courses which are prerequisite to or which contain subject material on a more elementary level than courses already completed or required in the student's curriculum.

  • Approved courses which meet the three-hour Communication elective in the Core Curriculum are as follows: CMCN 200, CMCN 310, CMCN 322
  • Approved courses which meet the three-hour Arts, Humanities, and Behavioral Science elective in the Core Curriculum and the College requirement for coverage of the subject of demographic and cultural diversity are: ANTH 201, SOCI 100, SOCI 310, POLS 120, POLS 312, POLS 327, POLS 374
  • A three-hour Arts elective must be selected from DANC, MUS, THEA, or VIAR.
  • The non-business courses that are required for all business majors are: CMPS 207, PHIL 316, and either MATH 250, ECON 250, or ECON 330.

Common Body of Knowledge

All baccalaureate students in the College of Business Administration must complete a Common Body of Knowledge classes that emphasize knowledge that every graduate must master. This "core" requirement, consists of the following courses: ACCT 201 and 202; ECON 201 and 202; BSAT 205 (or computer proficiency examination) and 382; FNAN 300; QMET 251; BLAW 310; MGMT 320 and 490; MKTG 345; BSAT 303 or ACCT 333; and an appropriate international business course designated by the department. A grade of "C" or better is required in each course.

Retention Policy

Any student in the Upper Division of the College of Business Administration who fails to maintain a cumulative average of 2.25 or greater will be dropped from the Upper Division of the College. In order to reapply for Upper Division status, a student must (1) take or repeat courses to strengthen his/her foundation for advanced study in the College; (2) raise his/her cumulative grade point average to at least 2.25; and, (3) not be on probation or suspension at the time of re-entry into the Upper Division.