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Accelerate Iberia

Jump Start or Grow Your Business in 3 Weeks

Accelerate Iberia Flyer

Like many towns across South Louisiana, Iberia Parish has a rich history and a culture that makes for a wonderfully unique community.  Part of this history and culture is a spirit of creativity, ingenuity, and perserverance that is engrained in the people of the parish.  This spirit is the driver for Accelerate Iberia, a start-up and small business program that focused on people, their dreams, ideas, and business interests.  The program is organized and led by the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce, the Iberia Industrial Development Foundation, and the LEED Center.

Who Should Apply?

  • Existing businesses
  • People who want to turn a side job into a full-time business
  • People who have ideas for a business



Program Benefits:

  • Hands-on & individual attention to help you start and/or grow your business
  • Opportunity to build a network with other business leaders
  • Successful business leaders as guest speakers & guides
  • Guidance & consulting after the 3 week program
  • Completion ceremony and certificate of completion


Application for Accelerate Iberia

Held at New Iberia Research Center: 4401 W. Admiral Doyle

Wednesdays, May 18th, May 25th, and June 1st from 9AM - 3PM

Session Schedule:

Session 1 | Program Basics: The Entrepreneurial Dream & How to Get More Out of a Business Plan
Session 2 | The Numbers: Accounting and Finance & Getting Resources When You Do Not Have Any
Session 3 | Customers Drive the Business & Operations and Other Fundamentals


Registration Fee: $450
*Registration waivers up to $425 are available to all applicants
*Remaining fees are paid to Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce

Questions about Accelerate Iberia or the LEED Center?  Contact Jonathan Shirley,