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Business & Breakfast

Business & Breakfast is an opportunity for companies to interact with Moody College of Business Administration students while the students network and learn more about the visiting companies. 

Business and Breakfast is an event that will allow your business to:

  • Interact and communicate with students about internship and career opportunities.
  • Educate potential employees on your company’s activities.
  • Generate overall interest in your business.

The visiting company:

  • Provides breakfast for at least 200 students with the option of Sodexo Catering on campus or outside catering.

The Moody College of Business Administration:

  • Provides parking, tables, tablecloths, and campus-wide promotion.
  • Provides the option to target promotion to all business students.
  • Provides the option to target specific majors or field related student groups. 

For more information or to schedule, contact us at

View/print our event flyer.

FAQ Section:

  • How far in advance should our company reserve a spot for Business and Breakfast?
    • We suggest the company book three to four weeks in advance so the event can be properly promoted.
  • How can our company go about utilizing Sodexo on-campus catering for Business and Breakfast?
  • What is the difference between student group promotion and targeted participation through student groups?
    • Student group participation is the invitation of a specific student group to attend the event. For instance, if an accounting firm would attend Business and Breakfast, Institute of Management Accountants and Beta Alpha Psi could be invited to attend. Targeted participation through student groups involves student groups being "sponsors" for the event and marketing the event on their social media sites to those outside of their organization.