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Executive in Residence

The Executive-in-Residence Program (EIR) at the Moody College is intended to connect the college community in meaningful ways with the business community. The executives in residence are accomplished and senior executives invited to share their experience, expertise and knowledge with faculty, administration and students. By participating in a number of developmental activities and relationships, these executives serve as a resource, as facilitators of learning, as advisers and mentors, and as ambassadors for the college.

For students, the EIR program enhances the learning environment by helping connect theory with practice.

For faculty and staff, the EIR program fosters research ideas and supports curriculum review and improvement efforts.

Types of activities that EIRs can be involved in:

  • Add value as guest speakers in classes and to professional student organizations. For example, building upon some management and marketing theories and sharing some real life experiences in their application.
  • Participate in faculty and/or student seminars as organizer, speaker or moderator featuring business leaders from a wide range of industries. For example, assisting in the college research seminar series.
  • Serve as mentor to graduate students and undergraduate honors students on career choice and growth. For example, speaking to the MBA association on career tracks and personal growth strategies
  • Team-teach a class with a faculty member. For example, conducting class sessions on selected topics in different courses or in short term formats’ or guiding students in project-oriented courses as a mentor.
  • Assist in the design and delivery of executive development programs. For example, guiding faculty in assessing market needs, curriculum and instruction design, or building faculty expertise in instruction to the executive student.
  • Provide input into the strategic directions of the college and its academic programs depending on expertise and experience. For example, in helping determine approaches to enhancing reputation in key strategic areas of focus for the college.

Each EIR brings a different set of opportunities in connecting with the college based on individual background. The list provided above is not meant to be an exhaustive or mandatory list of activities that every EIR must perform. Rather, this list is simply illustrative of the types of activities that an EIR might engage in. Indeed, each EIR might develop a list of activities that are unique to his/her interests and preferences. These opportunities might even evolve during the term of the relationship with the EIR. Either way, a meaningful and mutually satisfying relationship is expected.